BizOps drives key strategic initiatives at SelectRooms and directly supports the company goal of building a culture of excellence. BizOps is a small and highly leveraged team of folks who spike in analytical thinking, project and stakeholder management, and getting stuff done. As a BizOps person, you’ll have a great opportunity to help SelectRooms maximize its full potential and strong existing momentum. BizOps is not an “internal consulting” team - we work on strategic initiatives hands-on, in very close coordination with functional partners, and we see projects through implementation.

We’re looking for someone who can proactively identify and implement systems, and process improvements to help grow and scale the business. This is the perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves, and have a positive and immediate impact. You'll be a great fit if you're a Chartered Accountant who has experience working with cross-functional teams of varied size to achieve common goals.

We’re looking for software engineering generalists who are excited to jump between our frontend(mostly React/Node) and backend (mostly Python). Our small team solves a number of challenges on both the product and backend side. You'll be a great fit if have a CS Degree or experience hacking on Open Source or building apps people love. Many of our best engineers don’t have a degree!

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